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What People Are Saying

"I ordered your book on Amazon last month and I have to tell you it's brilliant... 
I like how you distilled the oral systemic health verbiage into language that's simplified for everyone to understand and even teach... 
I'm actually buying (your book) for my team and patients!" 

- Dr. Rosemarie Buen

What signs Can dentists see  
that signal a Larger health concern?
If you have family history of heart disease or stroke
If you have — or are at risk for — diabetes
If you are considered a “healthy” person, 
Healthy Smile, Healthier Life has information that can help you 
Live a healthier, happier… and longer life.

As a dentist, the mouth is the obvious starting place for Dr. Norige’s quest for better patient health. In Healthy Smile, Healthier Life, Dr. Norige explains — in plain Englishthe red flags in your mouth that signal unnecessary stress is being placed on your heart, and other warning signs he can see that affect more than your mouth.

Why is a dentist concerned with recognizing these signs?

While some physicians seem to forget it, the mouth is part of the whole body system, 
which means that any change in the mouth can have a ripple effect throughout the body
Dr. Norige’s philosophy of complete health dentistry guides him to find ways to positively 
change your oral health and therefore your overall health.

Take your first step towards a better understanding of the connection between your oral health and overall health with Healthy Smile, Healthier Life.

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